Tuzya Mazya Aathavanicha Shravan


By: Anand Jalinder Kamble

ISBN: 9789358384017

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Page: 96

Category: POETRY / General

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“Tuzya mazya Aathavanicha shravan” is a poetic masterpiece that captures the essence of memories shared between two souls. Through lyrical verses, it traverses the landscapes of love, longing, and nostalgia, painting a vivid portrait of emotions. Each word resonates with the bittersweet symphony of reminiscence, invoking a deep sense of connection and introspection. With every stanza, the reader embarks on a journey through the corridors of the heart, reliving cherished moments and embracing the beauty of human relationships. This collection of poetry transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on the soul and celebrating the enduring power of memory.


My name is Anand Jalinder Kamble My village is Ratnapur in Manus taluka of Parbhani district of Maharashtra State I was born on 14th October 1988 I studied in the school of Smt. Shakuntalabai Kanchanrao Katruwar in Manwat taluka and also studied till 12th in this college I was never able to get further education because at home As my mother was the only earner and there was no support from my father in the house, my parents never thought of taking responsibility for the house early. So that I could write this poem, when I was in 10th and 12th class, my grandfather was very fond of listening to the radio. At that time, Parbhani Akashvani Kendra used to play the devotional song of Arun Date Mangesh Padgaonkar at exactly nine o’clock in the evening. I felt like I was the lover in that devotional song and my beloved was leaving me, and from then on the poem came to my mind. And from there onwards I began to write poetry on the beautiful girl, on her smile, on her speech, and kept her beauty in the words of the poem, in such a way that I have kept this hobby in my heart till today.



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