The Will and Other Short Stories


By: Akshay Masurekar (Akki)

ISBN: 9789358387162

Page:  237

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Category: FICTION / General

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Akshay Masurekar’s stories make for light, pleasant reading and revolve around the most important human emotions—love and affection. Each of these stories has believable characters that the Indian reader could easily identify with.

In this collection of stories, set in a time before the era of social media, you won’t find any references to social media handles, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a world untouched by digital connectivity.

Das Babu is the true story of a man’s profound affection for his adoptive little sister. Known Devil, Unknown Ghost is about a young man’s dilemma over love and arranged marriages, while An Evening in Isle Café is the story of a man whose life changes forever when he meets the girl of his dreams in a pub. The Will is a dark comedy about a father’s unspoken love for his “good-for-nothing” son, while Perfectly Planned Murder is the story of a man who relentlessly pursues justice for his dead friend. And finally, there’s Akinova, the story of a modern-day Casanova.

Brief note from the author
This book would not have been possible without the help and support of 2 lovely ladies—Samira Masurekar and Janet Quadras. I am grateful to my wife Samira for her constant support and advice, and also to Janet Quadras—a dear friend, excellent editor, and a good colleague. Her comments and suggestions were very helpful. Thank you, Janet!

Of the 6 stories, my personal favorite is Known Devil Unknown Ghost—more so because the title of this story was suggested by my beloved wife.


Who Am I?
I am your friendly author Akshay Masurekar (aka Akki) and here is my story…

I was born in Mumbai in May 1979 and have been a resident of Mumbai ever since. As a child, I was a lost soul. There were times when I did not know what I was doing and accepting myself was next to impossible.

A major panic attack in 2012 put me on my introspective journey. I am grateful to my Coach and Counsellor for enabling me to accept myself for who I was. My journey of self-discovery coupled with my role as the L&D head is what helped me find my calling in life at the age of 40. Thus, after spending 17.5 years in a corporate environment, I decided to chalk out my own path in 2019 and started SAMAKSH Holistic Wellness.

I have trained 100+ people on Emotional Intelligence, Managing Emotions and Giving Effective Feedback. Successfully coached 50+ people Overcome their Fear of Failure and Social Anxiety.
Enabled 40+ people to successfully overcome their Emotional and Physical pain, by helping them transform the way they Think, Feel and Act.

I am also known for taking regular breaks —not from work but from my mechanical thinking—and indulge my long-standing interest in writing. The six short stories presented here are my first attempt at publishing my work.

My mantra in life is Breathe. Reflect. Realign. Relax. As a Transformational Catalyst and a Spiritual Healer, I am on a Mission to bring about a “”Positive Wellness Revolution”” through Conscious, Authentic and Purposeful Living. I can be reached on



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