By: C. S. Ramachandran

ISBN: 9789334039269

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Ancient myth and contemporary reality converge in a riveting narrative that pits the immortal Chiranjeevis against the malevolent force of Mahisha, an ancient demon intent on world destruction.
As the fabric of time frays, these legendary figures from Indian mythology are summoned to confront Mahisha’s dark influence, transcending their own histories to stand united against a common foe. Set against the backdrop of modern society, the tale unfolds as a gripping struggle between good and evil, weaving themes of unity, courage, and the timeless battle for humanity’s survival.
Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerges —a beacon of light illuminating the path to salvation. “The Rising” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unity in the face of adversity.
Will the Chiranjeevis prevail in their quest to vanquish Mahisha and restore balance to the world, or will darkness reign supreme?
The answer lies within the gripping pages of this captivating saga, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.


C. S. Ramachandran (Ram), a seasoned hotelier with a passion for storytelling, steps into the literary world with his debut book – The Rising. His two-decade-long journey in the hospitality industry, enriched by interactions with multicultural guests and team members, has fuelled his love for stories.
As an only child, books were his faithful companions during the quiet nights of his childhood. This companionship continued into his adulthood, with books accompanying him in physical and audio formats during his extensive travels and drives.
The Rising – a product of the lockdown era, gradually took shape over the last year through multiple drafts and revisions during weekends and holidays. This book is a testament to Ram’s perseverance and dedication to his newfound passion.
Beyond his professional and literary pursuits, Ram is a man of diverse interests. He is an amateur photographer, content creator, and YouTuber. An avid reader, movie enthusiast, and gadget-geek,
Ram also loves to travel and spend quality time with his family and friends. His multifaceted personality adds depth to his writing, making his work a reflection of his rich experiences and varied interests.


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