The Magical Secrets!


By: Saanvi Dinesh Jiwankar

ISBN: 9789356739192

Price: 400

Page: 30

Category: Fiction

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The name of the book ” Magical Secrets” itself means a secret kept by someone, which is magical. Holidays had just finished in the school of a peaceful city named ‘Precious’ of America. Zarah Pandit, a lively girl, who was 13 years old, was so excited to go to school. Zarah was born in India. She had shifted to America when she was 7 years old. She went to a school named ‘Blossoms School’. Zarah has 3 good friends. They are James Clockworks, Anne Darling, and Junior Jones. They have an adventure. They discover mysterious things which make their adventure even more interesting. Zarah is a curious girl. According to her, one must be prepared for any adventure. whenever you fall into a situation where you feel like giving up, don’t just leave the adventure in the middle, who knows you might have the most wonderful one. Zarah says, don’t be afraid when you’re with friends because you are together you can tackle any situation. This book explains the importance of teamwork, friendship and about having an adventure together.


Saanvi Jiwankar is the author of the book the “Magical Secrets”. She is a student from the school ” Neuron Labs”.
She loves writing books. She has taken inspiration from many famous authors and finally came with an idea of writing a book whose title is Magical secrets. Writing is an interesting hobby of hers. Writing a book is important but the way you make it exhilarating, funny is what makes the book truly interesting. Saanvi mostly likes writing books related to fiction and fantasy. According to her, fantasy teaches us many things in an easy and simple way. She loves reading developed a love for reading when she was about 5 years old. She thinks, reading is a great way to relax or keep oneself focused.



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