By: Deepak Kashyap

ISBN: 9789358388992

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Category: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

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The novel is a work of crime fiction. Arjun, a young man, is greatly distressed by the horrific murders of innocent people that occur practically daily. The horrific gang rape and murder of Maya, a helpless girl, on a night bus and the mob-lynching of two young brothers in Pakistan were the two most horrible events that profoundly affected him and nearly changed his life. He is frustrated by the inadequate consequences in both situations. While on a religious trip to Gaumukh glacier in Uttarakhand, he is led to a supernatural world, amidst a conclave of restless, loitering spirits of the slain victims of some of the grave crimes. He encounters a sage who has a mysterious link to the three worlds—the divine, the human, and the dead. He confers the power of invisibility upon Arjun to deliver justice. Arjun settles the scores with the sole surviving perpetrator of the gang-rape. Besides, he also rescues many children from traffickers, slavery, and abuse using divine power.


The author is a senior civil servant working in the central government. Presently, he is working in Ambala, Haryana. His academic background is in the biological sciences, and he is also an MBA from PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab. He joined the civil service in 1998. Blessed with a keen sense of social justice, heartfelt empathy, and profound insights into human psychology, the author is distinctive in his approach to writing about the unspeakable, inhumane sufferings undergone by the victims of bone-chilling crimes. The writer is also an armchair psychologist and a fierce advocate of justice. He enjoys Bollywood music, film noirs, and traditional Punjabi cuisine.



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