Success Factory


By: Vishal patil

ISBN: 9789358388985

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In today’s era of modern technology and the super-fast internet age, achieving success (यश) at every moment is essential. But is it possible to achieve such fast success? Is it easy? No, it requires constant dedication, alignment with your goals, continuous learning, unwavering hard work, and effective planning. Only then is success achievable.

In this book, the author explores the experiences of great philosophers, thinkers, astronomers, and athletes. When applied to oneself, their insights can provide inspiration and motivation, leading to positive changes in your life. The book emphasizes the importance of your inner voice, the global rule of attraction, the law of karma, and how the mind works internally and externally. It also delves into how the working methods of extremely successful individuals can be emulated.

The book provides a psychological perspective on these subjects, revealing the secrets of how the magic of your thoughts can bring success into your life. It is a collection of wisdom that every student, young person, homemaker, and professional should read. This collection aims to bring positive changes into your life, ensuring that you achieve success. May you transform positively in your life and aspire to be successful. Good luck!

Author – James Villages Vishal Patil



The author, Mr. Vishal Kumar Patil, known as James Willies, has undergone a remarkable evolution from a film actor to a director and prolific scriptwriter, exemplifying a journey marked by perseverance and creativity. With a educational background comprising a B. Com and M. P. M., Vishal’s early affinity for literature, influenced by texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Jnaneshwari, laid the groundwork for his diverse career. Throughout his school and college years, Vishal actively participated in cultural programs, spanning acting, singing, sports, poetry, and scriptwriting, nurturing a deep-seated passion for literature and the arts.

In the cinematic realm, Vishal Kumar’s collaborations with renowned directors and actors have left an indelible mark on significant Marathi films, with his notable work, “Sasara Maza Soneyacha,” achieving immense success in Maharashtra. Guided by luminaries such as M. S. Mantri, Babanrao Gholap, Ramesh Dev, and Deepak Malhotra, Vishal Kumar’s journey involved partnerships with iconic actors like Pran, Nana Patekar, Mithun Chakraborty, and more.

Beyond acting, Vishal Kumar showcased his versatility in filmmaking, assuming roles like assistant director, line producer, and casting director. His exploration of social issues materialized in the form of the award-winning short film, “The Dark Life Of Blind,” recognized at the GOREGAON FILM CITY. His extensive filmography includes diverse projects such as “Ladha Maticha,” “Pyar Bhi Kabhi Mangela,” “Gulasta,” and “Tejaswini,” showcasing his proficiency across genres.

Vishal Kumar’s foray into scriptwriting and directing earned him national and international acclaim, with films like “Mangalwari,” “Pal Bhar Ki Galti,” “Ganga Jal – The Water of Toxin,” and “Signal Red,” addressing pertinent societal issues. In 2008, he further solidified his commitment to the cinematic arts by establishing the film production company “Sai Radha Swami Films Production.” In summary, Vishal Kumar Patil’s impactful contributions to cinema and literature, coupled with his creative exploration of social issues, position him as a dynamic and influential figure in the entertainment industry.


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