Spa ka jugnu


By: Asfak

ISBN: 9789358385342

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Category: FICTION / General

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The story of this novel revolves around a brave firefly that descends into the depths of the spa’s ocean, willing to defy death in its quest for love and truth. This narrative is a mix of real facts and imaginative elements and is divided into six parts. The author, after conducting extensive research from basic to higher levels, has incorporated personal views into this novel.

Observing the modern life of today’s cities, the author holds great hope that anyone who reads this novel can bring about positive change in society. The author envisions a nation progressing towards greatness where the respect for women is paramount—from individual households to society and the entire country. The inspiration and strength behind writing this novel come from the author’s encounters with the countless women in the spa business, who, with their dedication, manage households worldwide.


This story revolves around an individual deeply immersed in the world of spa, embarking on a journey of love and truth. The narrative unfolds the odyssey of a passionate soul navigating the spa world in pursuit of significant goals in life.

His journey delves into the profound realms of the spa universe, dedicating his mind, heart, and soul to uncovering the deep secrets and truths. The tale illustrates his relentless struggle for love and truth, integral parts of his life journey. The author dedicates this story to a stranger-turned-friend, extracted from the real world of spa, emphasizing the importance of their connection in the narrative.

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