Selfless Offering (Hardcover)


By: Anshuman Raj

ISBN: 9789356739581

Price: 299

Page: 124

Category: Fiction

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I think all the efforts that I made in order to compose this piece of my work was the search for the perennial joy in this mundane world where everything is transient and what I came up with was ‘Selfless Offering’. The book is a beautiful collection of poems that evoke the sense of devotion in our hearts towards life thriving around. It is such life that inspires us, never leaves us alone; and that we must serve to. Only where there is devotion, there is service.
Our life sometimes gets too much with all the gatherings of joys and sorrows but the moment when we let everything go, we feel a sense of freedom within. That letting go is offering without any Self. This offering is a way to ineffable joy and universal togetherness; at the very moment, no life remains untouched, no soul unloved and no body unbonded. It transcends our life into permanence, renders immortality over mortality through love. In short, this book comes up with the themes of life, love and devotion that provide us reason to survive in the world.


Well, it’s an extreme privilege for me to share my life with such graceful readers.
I am Anshuman Raj residing in New Delhi and pursuing my career in English Literature. Besides my studies, I am an educator and a published author of two poetry books named ‘Let The Feelings Become Known and Love Needs Vision’.
My books are available world wide and my heartfelt thanks to Evincepub Publishing House too for publishing my later work. I am also lucky to make myself appear in the literary magazine and get interwied by Cannonbeam. In the coming years, I aspire to bring a lot of beautiful collections for my readers and hope to get closer to their hearts.


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