Plus Minus: Pros and Cons of Life


By: Neha Sharma

ISBN: 9789356738508

Price: 154

Page: 280

Category: Fiction

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Nostalgia is not only about the pain and pleasure we experienced as a generation decades ago. We are supposed to not overlook the human values that we used to share as a society. Back then, we did not have the countless choices in the virtual world, as now and family gatherings were still the best source of fun for people of all ages. Friendships meant much more than give-and toke, unlike today. And so on.

Then came digitalization, which brought along with itself the glamour, show-off, envy, and blame-game that we see prevalent todoy. The people who managed to retain all those human values within themselves are now a thing of the past. Through Plus Minus and its characters, born around the 1990s, author Neha Sharma is making an attempt to revive all those pleasant memones while motivating the readers with the gist that ultimately everything folis into place.


Born and brought up in the National Copitol Region of India, Neha Sharma is an architect by profession but a writer at heart. Neha loves to enjoy Bollywood movies and music in her free time. Her passion for not being someone with a hard instinct serves as the driving force behind most of her endeavours Hoving persevered through the ups and downs of life herself, the idea of this novello about ‘phases of life’ is her brainchild. Plus Minus is her debut solo title.



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