Narivadi Counseling- Siddhant aur Vyavhar


By: Sunita Thakur

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Category: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Women’s Studies

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The deep connection between movements and human development is undeniable. As human development progresses, so do its challenges. Alongside social and intellectual growth, movements against injustice and oppression have emerged. Women’s struggle for rights, as old as human history itself, has found expression through organized movements since the 1970s.

The women’s movement has consistently challenged violence and discrimination within families, society, and the workplace. From domestic violence to caste-based discrimination, the movement has shed light on issues that were once overlooked. Today, thanks to this movement, we have robust laws and a heightened awareness of women’s rights.

But the impact of the women’s movement extends beyond women alone; it encompasses every marginalized and oppressed group demanding their human rights. Feminism, as an ideology, is committed to uprooting injustice, discrimination, and oppression in all forms.

The primary goal of the women’s movement has been to challenge and organize communities against violence. Issues such as domestic violence, dowry, rape, child sexual abuse, and workplace harassment have gained prominence thanks to this movement.

Today, we not only talk about development but sustainable development. We recognize family security as the fundamental unit of societal security, and we define war and peace from a women’s perspective.


Dr. Sunita Thakur, born on June 25, 1968, is an accomplished writer, feminist, and specialist in women’s issues counseling. She holds an M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Hindi literature from the University of Delhi. Her insightful works have been featured in various national and social newspapers, magazines, and online literary journals.

Dr. Thakur is the author of several poetry collections, including “”Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya Kavya”” (1991), “”Kshitij Ki Dhoop Mein”” (2000), and “”Do Pal Saath Saath”” (2013). In addition to her poetic endeavors, she has also contributed significantly to literary criticism. Her critical works include “”Himanshu Joshi Ka Kahani Sahitya”” (1994), “”Vyavaharik Hindi Bhasha”” (1998), and “”Nagarjun Ke Sahitya Mein Antah Sambandh”” (1999).


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