KALASHAMRITAM: An Epic Poem on the Early Life of Lord Krishna


By: Amit Chatterjee

ISBN: 9789356737662

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Page: 176

Category: Spiritual

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‘Kalashamritam’ is an epic poem on the early life of Lord Krishna. The poem depicts the time before Lord Vishnu’s arrival on Earth in the form of a child named as Krishna till the time when He kills Kansa, the despotic King of Mathura and then establishes kingdom in the island of Dwarka. The entire journey of Krishna during this period is portrayed in 45 events with 900 stanzas including a Prologue and an Epilogue. Some of the key events are Birth of Lord Krishna, killing of different monsters, taming the serpent named Kaliya, lifting mount Govardhan, Raas Leela or Sacred Dance, leaving Vrindavan, the great wrestling match, and killing of Kansa.


An experienced IT professional and an accomplished poet, Amit Chatterjee had a passion for poetry since childhood and can tell stories well in poetic form. A disciple of spiritual Guru Swami Krishnanandji Maharaj, he has a deep interest in religion and mythology and many of his poems reflect his thoughts around these themes. ‘Kalashamritam’ is his first epic poem showing his intense passion for writing poetry in English. His other books are ‘Priceless – An Anthology of Poems’, ‘Words in the Wind’ and ‘Fifty Shades – A Book of Poems’.



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