Bharoshe ka kahar


By: Tripura Kaushal

ISBN: 9788119064878

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Category: FICTION / General

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It is my own thing, many times I have been considering the purpose of life to create harmony between altruism and selfishness. The collection of my stories “Bharose Ka Kahar” is the beginning of this episode.
I have been inclined towards prose and poetry writing since the beginning. Apart from poems, stories, articles, I also like to write on social subjects. The current story collection is a collection of top experiences of life that touches the human heart. The book “Bharose Ka Kahar” exposes the philosophy of life through stories. At the same time, by summarizing the ups and downs of relationships, they show simple and sweet solutions. There is an inspiration in the stories of this book which is threaded in sweet words because “vakyam rasatmakam kavyam”.
There is full confidence that the readers will like this collection of stories “The havoc of trust”.
Thank you


Mrs. Tripura Kaushal, born in Bihar, is the wife of Shri. B.L. Chaudhary, who serves as the Security Commissioner. She is the daughter of Kaushalya Devi, known for her behavioral skills and strong religious beliefs, and her father, Shri Adi Nath Ji, is a distinguished Principal who has been honored with the President’s Award. Mrs. [Your Name] holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and is a nationally recognized writer and poet, with her work regularly featured in newspapers and magazines. She can be reached at her residence, B.L. Chaudhary House, F-7, ROAD NO. 3, Sai Bihar Colony, New Madhukam Po., Hehal-834005, Ranchi, Jharkhand, and contacted via mobile at 9122797541.


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