A Dead Girl’s Curse


By: Syeda Rida Asif

ISBN: 9789356738157

Page: 145

Price: 260

Category: Fiction

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An eighteen-year-old girl, Echo Wagner, in Miami’s most prestigious medical university, witnesses tragic deaths of other students every Sunday. No maniac is the cause for the deaths. It is a bloody curse behind all of it. A bloody curse which can manipulate people even into killing their own blood. The curse must be lifted, but how? -By making the person who cursed, take it back. However, that person, is dead. ‘A Dead Girl’s Curse’ proves that hatred turns into revenge and revenge leads to misery which in turn leads to regret.


I, Syeda Rida Asif, am a fourteen-year-old girl studying in Presidency School, R.T Nagar. My aspiration is to become a doctor and a splendid writer in the future. Some of my hobbies include studying science, praying and watching anime. Of course, writing stories and poems top the list. I sincerely am grateful for whatever God has bestowed upon me. I am what I am because of him.


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