By: Payal Mistri

ISBN: 9789356738362

Price: 235

Page: 172

Category: Fiction

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When I think of love, I think of him, I think I’ll always think of him

The city of Mumbai—a wonder built on the backs of dreams brave enough to break the wheel, yet timid enough to be trapped in the rat race with no way out. It was in this city that Piyu grew up, navigating through the cacophony of routine life prevalent in the streets, with dreams as vast as the universe itself. Blessed with a heart as pure as master time itself, she carried herself with a sense of grace that overshadowed the achievements of others, with parameters well beyond anyone’s understanding. It was in this city that she met Kush, a charismatic young man with pockets deep enough to make everything disappear and a tongue so silver that it could coat the truth of anything imaginable…
The moment their eyes met, Piyu felt something ignite inside of her—an emotion that made her feel special, yet devastated at the same time; an emotion she was too young to name. Though the flame burned brightly enough to melt icicles, she dared not give it a name. For Piyu—a humble girl with nothing but her intellect to call her own—the idea of an heir like Kush reciprocating her spark was an extravagant dream she couldn’t afford. Piyu swallowed her feelings and bid farewell to the city of Mumbai, extinguishing her flame that was never meant to be…
But life had other plans for Piyu because seven years later, on a fateful day, a single text message from Kush reignited the flame she had extinguished years ago. As their conversations grew and their friendship blossomed into something more, she found herself spiralling down the same path as before… only this time, she had a name for the flame. Love.
But with every step Piyu took forward, she seemed to fall two steps back. The stark contrast between their worlds threatened to rain down on Piyu, threatening to extinguish her flame and her soul with it. As time moved forward and their relationship faced the wrath of time, Piyu found herself swirling into a whirlwind of emotions that tore at her flesh, turning her world upside down.
Join Piyu in her journey as she storms through the 479 days in the company of a man who turns out to be her villain in disguise.


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